Re: calling ext2fs function

From: J.A. Sutherland (
Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 11:03:30 EST

--On 08 May 2000, 18:37 +0300 BenHanokh Gabriel <> wrote:
> my module is extension to the ext2fs to allow alloaction of blocks for
> files without writting all those zeros to them.

Ah. How do you make sure the newly allocated blocks cannot ever
be read by an application until after they have been written to, then?
What do you need this facility for - some sort of kernel-level facility,
or an application?

> so yes i'm very dependet on the ext2 to work, but still i don;t succed
> calling its functions

Does it have to be ext2fs only, though?

> i do succed to call the vfs functions so it should be something with the
> ext2fs

Personally, I'd add the raw functions necessary to ext2fs, then export it
via VFS, rather than hitting ext2fs directly. There are already several
replacements for ext2fs approaching inclusion in the kernel; if your
code is hardwired into the ext2fs code, you will have a lot of problems
later on, when you try to move to XFS, ReiserFS, ext3fs or whatever.


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