Re: Future Linux devel. Kernels

From: Khimenko Victor (
Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 14:33:03 EST

In <> Horst von Brand ( wrote:
HB> Khimenko Victor <> said:

HB> [...]

>> It works beautifully. As long as intruder does not know where exactly
>> traps are placed he can not avoid traps. Will it work as long time defence
>> against scilled cracker SPECIALLY directed against you ? Probably not.
>> Will it stop most crackers ? For sure. As long as traps are NOT common and
>> thus not known to majority of crackers!

HB> It will work beautifully for people like you, who don't need it (they know
HB> how to secure a box, I presume). It won't work for unwashed users of
HB> "Distribution Foo", all of whom get the same traps. And they are the ones
HB> who would really need it. Pure bloat, no benefit.

Gah. The whole subthread started when I basically said "Such thing works fine
in short terms but only as long as it's not in standard kernel". Looks like
not everyone can understood such a long sentence :-( Yeah, OF COURSE "security
via obscurity" WILL NOT work if it's in standard (mainstream or just standard
for some distribution) kernel - you basically have no obscurity there in first

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