Re: calling ext2fs function

From: J.A. Sutherland (
Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 10:23:09 EST

--On 08 May 2000, 18:06 +0300 BenHanokh Gabriel <> wrote:

> i wrote a module using several kernel functions including ext2fs function
> while all the kernel function work fine, the call to ext2_getblk didn't
> succed to link
> i used lsmod to check if this module is loaded but didn't see it listed,
> which is very strange since i was writing and reading from ext2fs
> partition.

If it's compiled into the kernel (i.e. not built as a module) then it won't
show up in lsmod, since it isn't a module.

> so my questions are:
> a) how can it be that ext2 is not loaded while i'm working with ext2fs
> files ?

If it's compiled into the kernel.

> b) how can i load it ?

You can't. It's already there.

> c) could it be that it is loaded and i failed to see it, and if so how can
> i call its functions?

It probably is loaded, and you can call the functions in the usual way.
Having said that, what is this module? Unless it's some sort of
extension to ext2fs, you shouldn't call ext2fs functions directly -
your module could be used without ext2fs loaded.


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