Re: Hanging SCSI bus with Adaptec 2940U2W + Amptron PM-9600B

From: Doug McNaught (
Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 10:12:08 EST

"Mike McLagan" <> writes:

> I'm having a heck of a time with a system here and I'm wondering if
> anyone out there has any good suggestions. I am at my wit's end in
> trying to resolve this.
> I have an Amptron PM-9600 motherboard (Socket 7, VIA TX2 chipset,
> Pent 233MMX, 1M Cache) with 128M of RAM. In the system is an Intel
> EtherExpress Pro/100, cheapy Janco (?) PCI VGA card, Adaptec 2940
> U2W and a PAS 16. The hard disk is a Seagate ST39140W on a 68 pin
> cable and there's a Toshiba 6401 40x CD and an Ecrix VXA-1 tape
> drive on a 50 pin cable.

I originally bought an Amptron motgherboard for my AMD K6/2 system,
and Linux *hated* it. It would reliably freeze either during the boot
or right after it. Switched to an FIC m/b and have had no problems.
So I wouldn't recommend Amptron to anyobdy.


Doug McNaught

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