Re2: Bridge or 8139 Bug ?

From: Alfred Schweder (
Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 09:56:53 EST


On Sat, 06 May 2000, Alan Cox wrote:
> > A ping of the IP address of the bridge is working well, but packets
> > with the size of 1497,1498,1499 and 1500 are dropped instead of forwarding.
> > If I used smaller sizes or the EEPRO ethernet cards all is working well.
> That sounds like the 8139 driver is receiving the CRC and not removing it.
> Then breaking when it tries to send the frame including crc back out.
> Probably driver bug - Jeff ?
I made some more tests. All Packets which are forwarded by the bridge
with two 8139 are on the receiving side 4 bytes longer than on the
sending side. When the size of the packet goes over 1500 some environments
(kernel version and ethernet driver) drop the packets and other seems to
strip the additional bytes and reply my ping packets also with a four
byte to large reply packet...


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