Re: Resource Pointer Request: "testing" kernels

From: Brian Gerst (
Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 01:21:52 EST

Brian Capouch wrote:
> I'll keep this short. If I fetch an "alpha" testing patch such as the
> one from Friday (pre7-6) how can I incrementally patch up to pre7-7 or
> to 2.3.99-pre7, i.e. whichever comes next? Or do I just keep a copy of
> pre-6 and then patch it with pre-7 once the beta finally comes out.

Testing patches are not incremental. The easiest way to work with them
is to use "cp -al" to make a second hard-linked tree and apply the patch
to that. This also saves alot of disk space. Patch will break the hard
links for the files that it modifies. When pre7-7 comes out, just
delete the pre7-6 tree and make a new tree from pre6. Or, keep the old
tree and do an incremental diff to see what changed in the new patch.
Diff can detect hard-linked files and skips them, making it very fast
for this. Just be certain to break the hard links before editing any
files or else they will be changed in both trees.


Brian Gerst

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