Re: Resource Pointer Request: "testing" kernels

From: Adam (
Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 00:27:44 EST

> I'll keep this short. If I fetch an "alpha" testing patch such as the
> one from Friday (pre7-6) how can I incrementally patch up to pre7-7 or
> to 2.3.99-pre7, i.e. whichever comes next? Or do I just keep a copy of
> pre-6 and then patch it with pre-7 once the beta finally comes out.

You don't apply "alpha" patches incrementally, you need to back previous
alpha patch before applying new alpha patch. Alpha patches are being
applied against respective beta kernel.

That is, if you have pre7-5 and want to apply pre7-6, you need
to first back out (patch -R) path pre7-5 and then appply pre7-6.

On the other hand beta patches ARE incremental ones, and you apply them

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