Re: PATCH 2.3.99-7-3: "incompatible types in assignment" in scc.c and mkiss.c (more to go)

From: Joerg Reuter (
Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 08:39:31 EST

In article <Pine.LNX.4.21.0005032312290.929-100000@sjoerd.sjoerdnet>, writes:

> If found a lot compile time errors like:
> 3c589_cs.c:257: incompatible types in assignment
> (a a change in 2.3.99-7-3 but "forgotten" some drivers)

Not "forgotten" -- just not fixable within five minutes for those
who do not know the driver... Many drivers aren't very actively
maintained and not everybody has the time to follow every single
pre-patch. For z8530drv (hamradio/scc.c) just drop me a note
"hey, it doesn't even compile anymore" and I'll fix it. However,
I won't even think of touching mkiss.c...

> To fix compiletime i had to do for scc.c and mkiss.c:

It introduces a (small) memory leak for scc.c
I'll fix it ASAP...

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