Re: kernel-debugging

From: Vinodkumar Parasmal (
Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 08:40:41 EST

Hi George/All,
The serial connection is working fine .(that was a bit permissions problem ) we
tested it using cu .
Now coming to the kernel debugging part from remote machine ....
when we boot one machine with the experimental kernel and run gdb vmlinux(the
experimental kernel ) on the other(development m/c) .

The first machine waits for connection from the development machine .
But there is nothing really taking place it just waits on and on and
on the development machine it says
Ignoring packet error,continuing...
Ignoring packet error,continuing...
could'nt establish connection to remore target
Malformed response to offset query , timeout.

the gdb parameters we pass to the kernel are gdbttyS=/dev/ttyS0 ; gdbbaud=38400
(this we have specified in the lilo.conf)
where could be that we are wrong .could someone help us trace the problem .


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