Re: [RFC] Should /proc/(foo) be /etc/dynamic/(foo) ?

From: Simon Richter (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 06:16:44 EST

On 4 May 2000, Nix wrote:

> > 2) Move the special files that change system operation/configuration out of
> > /proc (which really should be just for processes) into an /etc root level
> > mountpoint, perhaps as /etc/dynamic or some such.

> As long as we're breaking compatibility with the world, we should
> arrange for the new filesystem not to be designed to be mounted on
> /etc/dynamic, but to be union-mounted *on /etc*.

While I still don't see any reason to move these entries out of /proc, I'd
suggest /kern. An union mount on /etc would break too many things if a
conflict between a sysctl file and a configuration file occured.

> Good idea, in general. If compatibility were not an issue, I'd say go
> for it. (Unfortunately...)

The Linux folks IMHO have a strong tendency to break things by not looking
at side-effects of their changes. While the kernel is mostly fine on
Intel, other platforms don't even compile (and I'm talking about "stable"
releases). Not what I'd expect from a professional OS.


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