Re: [RFC] Should /proc/(foo) be /etc/dynamic/(foo) ?

From: Nix (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 05:10:03 EST writes:

> 2) Move the special files that change system operation/configuration out of
> /proc (which really should be just for processes) into an /etc root level
> mountpoint, perhaps as /etc/dynamic or some such.

Nope. There's nothing special about /proc-related stuff (as opposed to
other configuration state in /etc). i.e., the *user* shouldn't need to
care that `this stuff is managed directly by the kernel'.

As long as we're breaking compatibility with the world, we should
arrange for the new filesystem not to be designed to be mounted on
/etc/dynamic, but to be union-mounted *on /etc*. So you can have
kernel-dynamic files sharing the same directories with non-dynamic ones
stored on a conventional fs, so the kernel can keep things in, eg,
/etc/sys, but it can also keep things in /etc/networking, which is also
being used to hold the distinctly non-/proc-related resolv.conf and

We can have lots of symlinks here, of course, so entries can appear in
multiple directories.

(The far end of this is something like a database-in-a-filesystem, with
views instead of directories ;) )

Good idea, in general. If compatibility were not an issue, I'd say go
for it. (Unfortunately...)

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