Re: Memory limitations in Linux.

From: Khimenko Victor (
Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 17:06:20 EST

In <> Riley Williams ( wrote:
> Hi Alan.

>>> Are there any plans to increase the max per process memory
>>> limitation in Linux 2.4 from 2GB(as in Linux 2.2.*)to 4GB (or
>>> more)?

>> Its 3Gig not 2Gig.

>>> Is there a patch or maybe an (experimental) kernel in existance
>>> that supports 4GB or memory?

>> Not per process. The x86 architecture is just not really
>> designed to do that well.

>> 2.2.current is 3Gig/process up to 4G physical
>> 2.3.current is 3Gig/process up to 64G physical

> My understanding is that the 3G/process limit only applies for systems
> compiled with the 1GB max physical memory option selected, and if that
> is set to 2GB max physical memory instead, the limit dropped to
> 2G/process.

> Can you confirm that such is not the case?

Yes and no. For old 2.2.x kernels (where kernel can not handle more RAM then
addres space available to kernel) it's true. For never ones it's not true (you
can use 3GiB/1GiB split and still handle RAM >960MiB) so this option is gone
in 2.3.x ... Not know what happened with late 2.2.x ...

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