Re: Memory limitations in Linux.

From: Rik van Riel (
Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 10:06:20 EST

On Wed, 3 May 2000, Nigel Jacob wrote:

> Are there any plans to increase the max per process memory
> limitation in Linux 2.4 from 2GB(as in Linux 2.2.*)to 4GB(or more)?
> Is there a patch or maybe an (experimental) kernel in existance that
> supports 4GB or memory?

per-process virtual memory is 3GB on x86, which is about the maximum
we can support in a sane way (well, I guess we could go to 3.5GB,
but then we'll have less space for kernel stuff, which isn't good).
Maximum physical memory supported is 64GB on newer x86 machines.

If you need much more than this, it is probably best to upgrade
to a 64-bit platform anyway (reshuffling objects in a 32-bit space
isn't going to be a lot of fun ... if the space is full, go to a
nice and comfy 44-bit virtual space on alpha or ultrasparc).



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