Re: [PATCH] (for 2.3.99pre6) audit_ids system calls

From: Linda Walsh (
Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 16:30:58 EST

Brian Gerst wrote:
> Linda Walsh wrote:
> >
> > Brian Gerst wrote:
> > > Do we really need another syscall interface for this? If we really do,
> > > then the syscall tables should be seperate. Otherwise, calling a 32-bit
> > > syscall with syscall64 leaves %edx with random data.
> > --
> > Why would someone randomly call a "C" function implemented
> > to return an 'int' as a 'long long'? 1) They must be running w/o type
> > checking turned on, and 2) it's just erroneous/bad code.
> 3) Code trying to get data from the kernel for possible exploitation.
> I'm not saying that it's very probable, but something could be leaked.

	Z'ok.  We add an XOR DX,DX @ the top of the syscall64 kernel call.
Would that work for you?

> > Have you looked at adding a 64-bit syscall to other 32-bit architectures > besides the x86? PPC and MIPS for example appear to have single > instructions to get into kernel mode ("sc" and "syscall" respectively). > > My suggestion is to do this on 32-bit architectures: --- You are suggesting the below for the *common* code. This means it is also forced on the 64 bit architectures. I'm up for providing an alternate. sys_getaudit_id_indirect, that does what you want for those architectures that are too limited to allow an easy implementation of a 64 bit return value.

> asmlinkage int sys_getaudit_id(int id, long long *p) > { > long long res; > res = do_getaudit_id(id); > return put_user(res, p); > } > > and then let libc (which is also arch-dependent) handle the different > calling methods. --- And sys_getaudit_id could be a lib call on the 32-bit limited arch's to sys_getaudit_id_indirect.

Would those changes work for you?

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