poor performance in 2.3.99pre7-1

From: Thomas Molina (tmolina@home.com)
Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 16:21:41 EST

I just have a subjective observation at this point, but system
responsiveness seems poor with 2.3.99pre7-1. Doing any IO heavy
activity in one virtual console results in noticable lag in
other virtual consoles (I'm uncertain of the terminology here since I
believe I confused someone with this term before. Pressing alt-F1 gets
the first virtual console and alt-F2 etc gets additional virtual
consoles. What's the correct linux term for this?). For instance, if I
play an mp3, or run mkisofs ( basically anything which requires a lot of
disk reads) then it can take two to three times as long to get a
response back while logging in or start a program in another virtual
console (compared to 2.3.99pre6 of various flavors).

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