Re: Why 128Mb swap? (Re: Booting to >8GB...)

From: Barry K. Nathan (
Date: Sun Apr 30 2000 - 10:00:47 EST

(Quoted text has been reformatted slightly to keep it within 80-char lines.)

> RW> To be more accurate, I didn't even know that limit had been raised.
> RW> When (ie, which kernel) was that done?
> 2.2.1xx (2.2.127? not remember exact number). At least I always used
> 500-900MiB swap partitions with all my 2.2.x systems right from the
> beginning...

FWIW, this change is documented in the 2.2.xx Changes file:

> Util-linux (including mount)
> ============================
> Among other changes made in the development of Linux kernel 2.2, the
> 128 meg limit on IA32 swap partition sizes has been eliminated. To use
> larger swap spaces, you need the new mkswap found in util-linux. You
> also need to upgrade util-linux to get the latest version of mount.

I'm quoting from 2.2.15pre19, although the text has been there since
sometime in 2.1.xx.

-Barry K. Nathan <>

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