[patch] 3c59x.c

From: Andrew Morton (andrewm@uow.edu.au)
Date: Sun Apr 30 2000 - 05:34:04 EST

Eight people reported problems with the changes to this driver
in 2.3.99-pre6. One was a victim of a documentation bug, one had his
eth0 and eth1 swapped around by the new PCi scanning code. This patch
fixes three and I have not yet heard from
the other three.

Patch against 2.3.99-pre7-1 is at


Entire driver


  - Implemented changes suggested by jgarzik

  - Fix SPARC breakage. (I hope. Still waiting to hear.)

  - Put vortex_info_tbl into __devinitdata

  - In the vortex_error StatsFull HACK, disable stats in
    vp->intr_enable as well as in the hardware. (If it's broken
    there's no point in reenabling it)

  - Increased the loop counter in wait_for_completion from 2,000 to

    [ Horrible busy-loop-wait-for-completion hack. It's a shame
      loops-per-sec is now unreliable. Need to think about this ]

  - Added some powerpc #defines (John Daniel <jdaniel@etresoft.com>).

    [ We haven't heard if this works yet. ]

  - In vortex_error(), reset the Tx on maxCollisions. Otherwise
    most chips usually get a Tx timeout.

    [ This fixes the "Tx timeout" problem on collisiony LANs.
      It's contrary to the datasheet, but works well ]

  - Added an extra module parm: 'extra_reset=1'.

      In the previous release I had given the NIC an extra Tx
      reset after initialisation. This fixes an issue with the 3c575
      not coming up after being hotplugged. Instead of making this
      behaviour compulsory, 'extra_reset' allows the user to choose.

  - In vortex_up(), don't make Wn3_config initialisation dependent
    upon has_nway. This came across from 3c575_cb and was causing some
    initialisation probs.

  - Rationalised some diagnostic code.

  - Moved the reading of the latency counters inside

     if (vortex_debug).

    [ Small efficiency tweak from Bogdan Costescu. ].

  - Updated Documentation/networking/vortex.txt quite a lot.


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