Alpha LX164 with 2.3.99pre6 "not 2 program headers"

From: G. Hugh Song (
Date: Sat Apr 29 2000 - 05:04:48 EST

I compiled 2.3.99-pre6 for this Alpha LX164. Milo-2.16 found the kernel
successfully. But immediately after the milo checking SCSI hard disks,
I got:

Expected 1, not 2 program headers
... Image loaded into memory, entry @ 0x0
MILO: Failed to load the kernel

What is meant by "2 program headers"? I made various 2.2.15pre
kernels quite successfully. Now, I need one of 2.3.99pre kernels
to enable "OSF_PARTITION" to read such a partition table.
By any chance, is it because I skipped "make clear" during
kernel compilation.

Thank you.

G. Hugh Song

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