Re: Is shared memory now only for use by the kernel in 2.3.x????

From: Christoph Rohland (
Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 09:55:05 EST writes:
> As long as I've got your attention, are you having any problems with
> SMP? I cannot seem to get the SMP 2.3.x kernel to stay up for more
> than a few hours (3 1/2 is the record, 2minutes is the worst) before
> it crashes. If I just flip the switch and disable SMP, then
> everything works fine (up for more than a day and working fine).
> I'd love to debug it, but the usual effect is that the system
> reboots itself; and I'm a relative newbie in kernel debugging on
> Linux (although I've done work on AIX). So, any ideas? I'll start
> a new thread later if needed. FYI: my machine is a dual 400 xeon
> NetFinity 5500, which truly rocks with Linux on it under normal
> circumstances :-)

I do not have more problems than expected on development kernels.
E.G. I have my 8way machine running regular shm/swap tests running for


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