Re: IO scheduling problem in 2.3.99-pre6

Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 04:32:34 EST

>>This is strange to hear. I've done some bonnie tests and
>>haven't found anything except sometimes high cpu usage of
>I also noticed that kswapd was in the running state during these
>period of substantial slowness (when it would take two seconds for
>the mouse and keyboard echoing to catch up, for example).

We're seeing the same thing. On 8way 16GB boxes we're getting
about 45mins of loading with no problems then once the buffercache
gets up to around 400Mb kswapd sucks all cpu for 30 second or so.
Up until that point kswapd has used 0 cpu time, it *really* kills
our database performance. We're losing about an order of magnitude
of speed compared to when we fire up the boxes.

Chris Good              

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