BUG: 2.2.15pre19 with screen

From: .sig (sig@netdot.net)
Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 01:10:20 EST

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I have noticed the following behavior with Linux 2.2.15pre19. It doesn't
happen with 2.2.14. I'm running a pretty stock (except for the kernel
change) RedHat 6.2 installation.

when using screen for a about 30 sec, the stdout stream gets truncated
probably between the active process and the screen process. For those
unfamiliar with screen, a description of it is at the bottom. *

I start up pine with inside screen and use it normally for a short period
of time. Each time pine tries to draw message, or a ^L is sent to redraw
the screen, the redraw stops somewhere in the middle of the screen
(different place every time). This doesn't happen when pine is used
normally, (with out screen) and doesn't happen on the 2.2.14 kernels. As
far as reproducibility, it happens every time I run screen pine in kernel

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* screen is a program which starts a process and attaches
itself to the stdin/stdout file descriptors of the process and then passes
them to shells. Screen can then disconnect from its shell, and remain in
the background until another screen process attaches to it through a
socket and it starts outputting to a term again. So you can start pine,
say, on one term, detach it, and re-attach it to another terminal, with out
having to quit pine.

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Aaron VanDevender
(.sig (DOT), apv@mit.edu, sig@netdot.net)

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