From: lars brinkhoff (
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 01:12:44 EST

lars brinkhoff wrote:
> Would it be reasonably possible to make swapping a CONFIG
> option? I'm thinking about memory-constrained embedded
> systems where swapping to secondary storage isn't possible.

I think this comment, found elsewhere, by Russel King answers
my question:

    Naik, Uday writes:
> I seem to be getting a kernel panic in kswapd. Since I don't
> have a harddisk, I would like to turn swapping off. How do
> I build the kernel that way. I don't see a configuration option
> for it.

    The short answer is: no. The long answer is: swapping is an
    embedded part of the Linux kernel, and is not trivial to turn
    off. The fact that you don't have any swap space doesn't mean
    that this code is redundant. This code is also used to page
    out clean pages when memory gets tight. These pages are areas
    such as the text sections of user executables and libraries which
    have not been written to by user code.

    Therefore, disabling the kernels "swapping" code would have a far
    more serious impact than having no swap enabled.

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