Re: Linux Jobs as of 2.3.99pre6-5

From: H. Peter Anvin (
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 13:55:27 EST

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By author: Martin Mares <>
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> Hello!
> > One thing would be very good to have: non-manifest sections in modules
> > that describe what devices the particular module is good for. For
> > PCI, AGP and CardBus, these are PCI device IDs; for ISA PnP these are
> > PnP device IDs; for ISA it probably needs to be actual code; there
> > should be equivalent things for NuBus, MCA and what have you.
> MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE already supports multiple bus types, the only
> problem is that outside the PCI world nobody uses it and even among
> the PCI drivers, only few ones use the new probing mechanism. This
> will surely need a lot of work to become usable for automatic construction
> of mapping form device ID's to modules, but it seems to be the right
> way to go (at least to me).

Yes, this does seem to work. As I said, I really want to use this in
Genesis when I get around to working on it again *sigh*. However, for
ISA, at least, it gets majorly nasty -- we'd like to put some actual
probing code in there.


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