Re: IDE/PIIX: Trouble with DMA - OOPS without

From: Lorenzo Marcantonio (
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 13:52:07 EST

"Andre" == Andre Hedrick <> writes:

> I forgot that there is a special case where APM stores the
> setup. This is outside of Linux. Therefore neither Linux ATA
> or APM know about this change...... This is the first case
> where the kernel can not override the BIOS..........

IMHO is not an APM thing... the problem verifies a few minutes after
login. But where came the OOPS from ? (with DMA disabled)

Last Minute Update:

Some tests later (BTW, I tried without PIIX_TUNING, and /proc/ide/piix
was the same) suddenly a lot o messages on the line of 'tried to
... after the end of ... ' (scrolling VERY fast).

After reboot, I've found /dev/hda1 (rootfs) thrashed... was mounted RO
:( - of course there was NOTHING valuable there

Comments ?

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