Re: Reading the BSD partition table from Linux/Intel

Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 12:59:07 EST

> UP2000 has an on-board Adaptec AIC7896. Recently, the motherboard
> itself got screwed. I now need to access the data in the hard disk
> attached to that system. The hard disk has the BSD disklabel
> I know about "dd". But I need to know quite a lot on how to use "dd".

It seems you are not quite sure what type of disklabel and what type
of filesystem this disk has (perhaps BSD / perhaps ufs or ext2).

Once your disklabel is read correctly you find the filesystemtype
just by trying to mount (mount -t ext2 ... or mount -t ufs ...).
Note that there are many flavours of ufs. Read mount(8) and
linux/Documentation/filesystems/ufs.txt .

There are also only a few possibilities for the disklabel, so if
you compile in support for all known versions then surely the kernel
will recognize your disklabel (if it is still intact).

There is no need to use fdisk, and unless you are an expert,
attempts to repair anything using fdisk are probably only
harmful to your data.

If you want to use fdisk to look at the disklabel, use the latest one
(from util-linux 2.10l).

If you tried everything and don't know what to do, copy the start of
the disk to some file and put it up for ftp or send it uuencoded, as in
        cd /tmp
        dd if=/dev/mypoordisk of=diskhead bs=1024 count=64
        gzip diskhead
        uuencode diskhead.gz < diskhead.gz > diskhead.gz.uu
        mail -s bsddiskhead < diskhead.gz.uu
or so.
Simple inspection will show immediately what kind of disklabel
you have and in what shape it is.

Good luck,

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