Reading the BSD partition table from Linux/Intel

From: G. Hugh Song (
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 05:18:24 EST


UP2000 has an on-board Adaptec AIC7896. Recently, the motherboard
itself got screwed. I now need to access the data in the hard disk
attached to that system. The hard disk has the BSD disklabel, and
I need to access the partitions. So.....

I made a custom-built kernel to support such a partition table as the
BSD disklabel. I booted the machine with a Symbios controller from
an normal hard disk without the BSD disklabel. I then tried to
open the partition table of the hard with the BSD disklabel with "fdisk".
It failed with an error message: The partition table is not
readable. I did not get a prompt for typing in "b".
I don't have an Adaptec controller to be used in an Intel machine,
because the UP2000 has that as an on-board controller.

May I ask this? During kernel compilation, there are two locations
related to BSD_Disklabel. One is UFS filesystem Support and the other
is BSD Disklabel Support. I selected the latter only because the
file system type must still be ext2. Isn't it? The partition table
is only the BSD_Disklabel. Should I choose both?

I know about "dd". But I need to know quite a lot on how to use "dd".
Maybe, I can find the information regarding dd. But after that,
I know I should not do anything funny. That option is not available to me.

Next time, I would use a small SCSI hard disk on UP2000 or on
any other Alpha/Linux with the SRM console with only the /boot
partition. All other hard disks attached to the system should
have the DOS disklabel, not the BSD disklabel.

Could anyone help me access the data?

Thank you very much

G. Hugh Song

hugh at lucia dot kjist dot ac dot kr

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