Re: [PATCH] 2.3.99-pre6-3+ VM rebalancing

From: Stephen C. Tweedie (
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 11:09:37 EST


On Wed, Apr 26, 2000 at 08:25:59AM -0700, David S. Miller wrote:
> No, this is why I haven't posted the complete patch for general
> consumption. It's in an "almost works" state, very dangerous,
> and I don't even try leaving single user mode when I'm testing
> it :-)))

OK. You might find this useful:

which is a small utility I wrote while I was testing the
swap cache code. It creates a heap of memory, forks a variable
number of reader and/or writer processes to access that heap,
and touches/modifies the heap randomly from the children. It
is very good at testing the swap code for pages shared over
fork. It's what I use any time I need to push a box into swap
for VM testing.


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