Re: SCHED_RR is broken + patch

From: Artur Skawina (
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 06:56:17 EST

Dimitris Michailidis wrote:
> Borislav Deianov <> writes:
> > sched_yield doesn't always yield for SCHED_OTHER threads
> Processes should yield only to higher or equal priority processes. A
> SCHED_OTHER thread executing sched_yield doesn't have to yield just because
> there may be other SCHED_OTHER processes available.

depends on the priority model chosen. (ie if all SCHED_OTHER threads
run with equal static priority then having a sched_yield() that defers
to any SCHED_OTHER thread eligible to run makes sense)

> > counter for SCHED_FIFO threads is never reset
> It should not expire in the first place. SCHED_FIFO processes do not have
> slices.

it's not about expiring; it's about entering the scheduler on
every clock tick, because of the way the counter is handled.

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