Re: screen_info and multihead

From: James Simmons (
Date: Tue Apr 25 2000 - 19:32:40 EST

> On ARM, we're not initialising it for a vesafb. You are aware that the
> ORIG_VIDEO_LINES and friends use it, which are in turn used by vgacon and
> dummycon?

Forgot to mention that. Vgacon, vesafb and dummy_con use screen_info. Is their
anything else that does that I missed ? From going threw the code I couldn't
see anything else.

> On ARM, we initialise it so that dummycon has a reasonable amount of the
> boot messages when the switch to fbcon occurs.

Clever :)
> Oh, and incidentally, arch/i386/kernel/setup.c uses it as well:
> struct screen_info screen_info;
> ...
> screen_info = SCREEN_INFO;

It's in alot of files in all the arch subdirectories. Most of them most
seem to guess at what the values should be. Also their is only one
screen_info struct which means that it has only single headedness in mind.
The orginal idea behind screen_info from what I can see was to extract
info from firmware for one attached display. The problem is alot of
platforms have firmware that is not multihead aware :( So having a array
of screen_info would not help. I assume firmware always sets the default
mode so couldn't the console driver actually probe the hardware itself to
find out this info for itself. If you have any ideas on how to handle this
send them my way.

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