Re: Linux Jobs as of 2.3.99pre6-5

Date: Tue Apr 25 2000 - 12:36:52 EST

> Incredibly slow loopback tcp bug (believed fixed about 2.3.48)

I patched pre5 to pre6-6 and I'm still seeing this problem - it took about
6 minutes for loopback to start and about 5 minutes for eth0 to start
wherein it then presumes to have a general slow down of the system startup
for another few minutes before all of a sudden everything is full speed
again. On the plus side, my system has been up now for 3 hours - which is
the first time I've gotta this kernel to stay up more than 40 minutes since
~2.3.45, and is performing quite well, thank you. Anyone interesting in
helping me debug these issues? :-)

> Shared memory changes change the API breaking applications (eg gimp)

So I noticed that SHMMAX moved from asm/shmparam.h to linux/shm.h - ok, can
deal with this, although I could wish we didn't have 3 versions of shm.h
(linux, sys, and bits). However, trying to build with this file does not
work and I'm getting many errors in the kernel include headers (such as
asm/semaphore.h, linux/mount,h and linux/times.h which are getting pulled
in by sched.h and signal.h). Am I missing something? On the plus side,
I installed our application as built on a 2.2.x machine and after making
the changes in /etc/fstab concerning /var/shm everything worked ok.



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Kenneth "kenbo" Brunsen
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