isofs bug

From: Lehel Bernadt (
Date: Mon Apr 24 2000 - 16:41:55 EST

I haven't found the maintainer of isofs, so I'm mailing to this list.
I have kernel 2.2.12 and in Documentation/filesystems/isofs.txt writes:
Mount options that are the same as for msdos and vfat partitions.

  gid=nnn All files in the partition will be in group nnn.
  uid=nnn All files in the partition will be owned by user id nnn.
  umask=nnn The permission mask (see umask(1)) for the partition.
However, in fs/isofs/inode.c umask isn't implemented at all, and the gid option
works only for joliet CDs.
I've checked this in the 2.2.14 sources too and it's still the


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