Linux 2.2.16-pre1 hangs when gpm killed

From: Alexander Demenshin (
Date: Mon Apr 24 2000 - 16:58:03 EST


                SMP system (2x PIII-550 PIIX4, SCSI/Adaptec)
                PS/2 keyboard and PS/2 mouse port (without mouse).
                Kernel 2.2.16-pre1
                        (untar 2.2.14, apply 2.2.15p19, then p20,
                         then 2.2.16pre1).
                Active modules: ISDN, HiSax.
                Slackware 7.0 (libc6); gpm v1.17.8
                Running processes: Apache, sshd, and usual bunch
                (including gpm) except of NFS stuff.
        After booutp everything was fine, then I decided to kill out
        gpm (useless - I've no mouse connected). And... It hangs.
        Just hangs. Keyboard input is accepted on console where
        kill was issued, but not on other consoles.
        SysRq is accepted on all active consoles, but it cannot
        kill processes nor sync/unmount filesystems.
        No Oops, no messages. No additional infos. Problem is reproducible -
        next reboot and kill of gpm - and it hangs again.
        I am afraid to remove gpm from startup scripts - what if it
        will hang on startup? :)))
        That's all. Just facts, no opinions :)) Sure, additional info
        will be made available if it is really necessary (but I am not
        sure it is).

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