Re: llseek and 64 bit return...

From: Linda Walsh (
Date: Mon Apr 24 2000 - 12:41:23 EST

Matti Aarnio wrote:
> > it is lseek that returns an actual 'offset' value, llseek only
> > returns 0 or error code. So...then I ask what would the implications (in a future
> > development release) of changing lseek to return 64 bits on intel.
> Use lseek64() and be happy.
> On intel linux it is implemented at glibc by means of llseek(),
> but that is then a side issue.

	Is there some good reason why the interface shouldn't be cleaned up
on Intel?  Seems like it would be much more maintainable, less ugly -- rather than
have various user-land kludges that take advantage of extra kernel calls. Wouldn't
it be more straightforward to have lseek return a 64 bit value on ia32 (et al. 32
bit platforms) as it does on the 'big machines'?  Seems like it could result
in simpler glib code as well...

I mean -- it's not that big of an issue to me, but the change is trivial the kernel side. Then we can list the alternate 64 bit kludges as 'deprecated' and some day not worry about them at all...(?) It just seem like a cleaner implementation for the future... I just figured if there's a 64-bit ia32 kernel call interface, why not use it?


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