Re: 2.2.15pre12: inode leak or something, maybe smbfs related

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Mon Apr 24 2000 - 07:25:17 EST

> Apr 24 10:05:25 babbage kernel: Call Trace: [reiserfs_iget+59/116] [reiserfs_lookup+79/184] [reiserfs_lookup+124/184] [do_anonymous_page+110/128] [real_lookup+92/180] [do_no_page+75/248] [lookup_dentry+300/496]
> Apr 24 10:05:25 babbage kernel: [__namei+47/100] [do_page_fault+271/952] [sys_access+163/308] [error_code+45/64] [system_call+52/64]
> Apr 24 10:05:25 babbage kernel: Code: 8b 13 8b 01 39 c2 73 08 b8 ff ff ff ff eb 1a 90 39 c2 76 08
> I guess that's not a reisefs bug... Dir cache corruption or something?
> I tried lsof -p:ing many processes, but none seems to use more files than
> it should.

Thats almost certainly a reiserfs bug. It may well be reiserfs failing to
handle the fact smbfs stole all the inodes or similar however.

There is a 2.2.16pre1 (v 2.2.15pre19 since Linus hasnt replied to the requests
to put out 2.2.15 final yet) on That has some changes in it
from Tridge to clean up a pile of smbfs bits and bobs. I'd be interested
to know if that works (but without reiserfs also patched in)

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