Re: module ppa zip driver vfat vs fat

From: Joe (
Date: Thu Mar 16 2000 - 13:15:58 EST

> > I checked the filesystem type under NT and it says that the
> disk is
> > FAT.
> What about checking the filesystem type under Linux? Hint:
> dd(1) and
> file(1) are your friends.

I cannot mount the device. If I try mount /dev/sda4 /zip
or if I specify a type it says invalid type or something like
that and does not mount it.

What would I gain by using dd? Or how would I use if to fix the
I guess I could copy it or copy be able to mount it to see what
is on it fisrt under Linux. Although this is only one disk, I
am interested in finding out how to fix this and prevent it in
the future.
Does file work on scsi devices like /dev/sda4?


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