RE: Linux/ix86 booting process and BIOS

From: Strohm Thomas (FV/SLD) * (
Date: Thu Feb 24 2000 - 07:27:57 EST

Alan Cox wrote:
> No. There are specifications for BIOS interfaces. There are
> specifications for PCI, and there are BIOS implemenations. The
> three rarely co-incide.

Hi Alan and folks@lkml...

Another question. What parts of the BIOS (say, full flavored with PCI,
APM, ACPI, etc.) does a running Linux kernel depend on? If I look at 2.3.47,
I could try to give an answer:

PCI BIOS: Optionally. Linux handles PCI even if no PCI BIOS is present.
APM BIOS: If CONFIG_APM, then Linux needs the APM BIOS.
ACPI BIOS: If Linux wants to use ACPI, it needs an ACPI BIOS. Or at least
         some ACPI-related values which it gets from the BIOS.
ISA PnP: No clue whatsoever...

Could you comment on that?


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