bug fix (fork/expand_files)

From: Amnon Shiloh (amnons@cs.huji.ac.il)
Date: Thu Feb 24 2000 - 01:26:24 EST


Looking at Linux version 2.3.47, there is a discrepancy in the semantics of
"expand_files", "expand_fdset" and "expand_fd_array", as used on the one hand
by "fcntl" and "open", versus the use in "copy_files" (kernel/fork.c):

In the first case, the second argument ("nr") is that of the highest desired
file-descriptor, beginning at 0, while in "copy_files" the argument is the
requested new number of files, beginning at 1 and therefore one higher.

As a result, once a parent process that has more than __FD_SETSIZE files
(currently an overwhelming 1024, which is why nobody probably ever noticed)
calls "fork", the son will be allocated 2048 files, the grandson will be
allocated 4096 files, the 10th generation will be allocated NR_OPEN (1024*1024)
files and further "fork"s down the line will fail due to exceeding even this
absolute limit -- this is unless an earlier fork already failed for exceeding
RLIM_NOFILE (defaulting to INR_OPEN==1024).

There are a 100 ways to fix it, but probably the easiest is to change
"copy_files", so that:
                error = expand_fdset(newf, size);
                error = expand_fdset(newf, size-1);
                error = expand_fd_array(newf, open_files);
                error = expand_fd_array(newf, open_files-1);

Amnon Shiloh.

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