Caches in modules

From: Andreas Gruenbacher (
Date: Thu Feb 24 2000 - 01:08:58 EST


I'm trying to implement a cache in a module.

Currently, the only way I see is to implement a cache with a fixed size. I'd
much prefer a cache similar to the dentry and inode caches, but there's no
mechanism to get the cache shrinked when memory fills up. (This needs to be
handled in mm/vmscan.c's do_try_to_free_pages).

What's the opinion towards adding register_cache() and unregister_cache()
functions so that user-defined caches can be shrunk automatically? Something
along these lines?

In some header file

struct cache_definition {
        const char *name;
        int (*shrink)(int, unsigned int, struct zone_struct *);
        struct list_head link;

extern void register_cache(struct cache_definition *);
extern void unregister_cache(struct cache_definition *);

Somewhere in mm/vmscan.c

static LIST_HEAD(cache_definitions);

void register_cache(struct cache_definition *cache)
        list_add(&cache->link, &cache_definitions);

void unregister_cache(struct cache_definition *cache)

In do_try_to_free_pages():

struct list_head *cl;
for (;
     cl != &cache_definitions;
     cl = cl->next) {
        struct cache_definition *cache =
                list_entry(cl, struct cache_definition, link);
        count -= cache->shrink(priority, gfp_mask, zone);
if (count < 0)
        goto done;


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