Re: linux nfs client problem

Trond Myklebust (
30 Nov 1999 21:20:57 +0100

>>>>> " " == Thomas Graichen <> writes:

> In order to implement this over NFS, client WRITE operations
> must use the credentials from OPEN not not the credentials the
> process has at the time of WRITE.
> --- snip ---

> is there any way to get this corrected in the linux nfs client
> implementation (btw. FreeBSD for instance does not give the
> problem we observed here) ? - more details on all this you
> might find in the postfix mailinglist under the subject

This is already fixed in the NFSv3 client.

A fix will hopefully find its way in to the 2.3.x tree (and possibly
from there into 2.2.x) as soon as I clean up the patch.


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