Re: Putting PCI-class/vendor/deviceinfo into source of PCI-drivers

Magnus Damm (
Mon, 29 Nov 1999 17:13:44 +0100

> Each has its own problems. The first has a centralized database that can
> become corrupted. Provided this is just a text file, you can probably fix
> it. It is still a pain. The second method has the problem that you have to
> have at least the routine to register the device and recognize it's device
> IDs loaded. If this is happening at kernel level, that is not a happy thing.
> If it is happening at application level, you now have two different
> executables for a single device driver. Yuch!

Sorry, I'm a bit slow... =)

No, we don't want two executables / driver.

How do other OS:es solve this problem?

/ magnus

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