Re: Mark keyboard RAW mode deprecated

Pavel Machek (
Wed, 24 Nov 1999 11:49:39 +0100


> Whether X can be taught about new keycodes is entirely up to the
> operating system and X implementation: there are systems on which
> the operating system is queried when the X server starts to get the
> keycodes existing on the keyboard, and the keysyms on the keys that
> are reported; the same X server may support VERY different keyboards
> (e.g. Digital UNIX X servers are happy to handle both PC style keyboards
> and the older Digital proprietary LK201 derived keyboards). In
> the Digital UNIX case, I can introduce a completely different keyboard
> without having to touch a line of code in the X server (by setting
> up proper modules and tables in the device driver for the keyboard).

Really? Even keyboards that use e0 48 for up arrow when numlock
led is on and e0 2a e0 48 when numlock is off?


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