Re: [patch] Re: spin_unlock optimization(i386)

Ingo Molnar (
Mon, 22 Nov 1999 15:52:49 +0100 (CET)

On Mon, 22 Nov 1999, Jamie Lokier wrote:

> An rmb() will prevent reads that occur before it from being
> speculatively executed after it, and vice versa. rmb() expands to asm
> volatile ("lock; addl $0,0(%esp)" : : : "memory"). Being a locked
> operation it serves as a processor barrier for both reads and writes;
> being in cache, it is fast on a PPro. [...]

this is the misconception. Yes, it's in cache. Yes it should be fast.
Still it's not fast - and not faster than 'btrl $0, %0'. It also has more
icache footprint. (together with the mov) We went through this thing a
dozen times, and if you want to improve things in LOCK-land then please
also time things with the cycle counter as we did, and consider
spin_unlock() total opcode size. (it's not necesserily trivial to make the
cycle counter measurement is accurate, rdtsc is not a serializing
instruction and interacts with the measured region.) I'm afraid that this
area isnt likely to bring anything new/better.

nevertheless the situation isnt all that bad, our spinlocks are mean and
lean already :)

-- mingo

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