Removable media

Michael T. Babcock (
Sat, 20 Nov 1999 15:22:57 -0500

Just a note re: Floppies / CDs / other removable media:

This would require some cooperation between UI and Kernel people, but
here's the idea:

Have a Linux dev-type directory for removable media, indicated by type
(a directory) and serial number (as a file). The file could store last
used date, file contents information (cache), etc.

This would make it possible then to have a UI object for keeping track
of multiple removable disks, etc. like the old-time Mac behaviour of
shadows of floppies on the screen. Personally, I'd want this in its own
window (like my happy minimized-app-icon window in Enlightenment 0.16).

This would be a little better than automount as the devices could be
considered 'always' mounted in a 'virtual file' sense, and have actions
cached until the media was present.

Ideas? (please post responses to BOTH lists if possible).

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