Re: sk_buff chaining

Andi Kleen (
20 Nov 1999 10:47:00 +0100 (John Justice) writes:

> My question is somewhat network oriented. It appears that LINUX socket
> buffers sk_buff) contain the whole contiguous packet and there is no
> mechanism to represent a packet as a scatter / gather list. For ethernet
> (MTU=1500) this is not a problem, however, Fibre Channel devices specify an
> MTU of 65280 bytes. The major problem is posting buffers to the adapter for
> recieving packets. Under SOLARIS, for example, I can post 4k buffers to the
> adapter. The driver can then chain these 4k buffers together if the packet
> recieved is > 4K. With LINUX, however, I have to post 64K buffers to the
> adapter since there is no mechanism to chain sk_buffs together. Depending
> on the TCP/UDP application being run (like telnet / rlogin), this will be a
> huge waste of memory. Is there a way to somehow chain sk_buffs in present /
> future versions of LINUX?

Future versions of Linux (>2.4) may support iovec skbuffs. Most drivers
solve the problem by using rx_copybreak variable. If the packet is <
rx_copybreak it is copied into a right sized buffer, if it is >rx_copybreak
it is passed directly from the driver. E.g. the tulip driver uses
rx_copybreak == 100. For those small packets the memcpy is in the noise.


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