Unresolved symbols divdi3, inb ,outb,...

Reine Gill (rg@irfu.se)
Thu, 18 Nov 1999 16:05:07 +0200

Hi Im trying to install a driver i've made:

/sbin/insmod tm
./tm.o: unresolved symbol __divdi3
./tm.o: unresolved symbol inb
./tm.o: unresolved symbol __constant_memcpy
./tm.o: unresolved symbol __memcpy
./tm.o: unresolved symbol outb

Lets see if i've got this right:
The divdi3 comes from the fact that the code
contains long divison ? And that libgcc is
not a part of the kernel....how do i solve it ?

The inb and outb shouldn't they be supported ?
I have set:
#included <asm/io.h> ......
And memcpy ans constant_memcpy i have tried
to put in things like:
#include <asm/string.h>
#include <string.h>

The driver was compiled with gcc -Wall -DMODULE -DLINUX -D__KERNEL__ -DHWDRIV -c tm.c -o tm.o
(HWDRIV is my own)
Kernel version is 2.2.5-22

If anyone has got a clue CC: rg@irfu.se.

(Drivers are a mystery to man..
but i guess man is a mystery to a driver)


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