Re: updating the RTC automagically

Ulrich Windl (
Thu, 18 Nov 1999 08:19:11 +0200

On 17 Nov 99, at 15:41, Riley Williams wrote:

> Hi Ulrich.
> > I investigated what would be needed to set the RTC when the
> > system time changes. First the inverse function for mktime() is
> > needed (i.e. convert UNIX time to days, hours, months, etc.)
> > Then the function to set the RTC would have to be extended to
> > set _all_ the values, not just minute and second.
> > Should I take the date conversion routine from the C library
> > (i.e. copy the code)?
> Are you proposing to put this facility in the kernel? There's already
> a perfectly good userspace program to do that - take a peek at
> `man hwclock` for details.

A real UNIX system can also set the clock.

> > I'm not subscribed here, but I'd like to be CC:'d for replies...
> There are quite a few people don't bother replying to mailing list
> postings that state the poster isn't subscribed to the list, on the
> basis of "if (s)he can't be bother to subscribe, I can't be bothered
> to reply"...

Getting 200 messages per day is not an option if it's not your
fulltime job.


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