Re: the joy of scsi headers and glibc...

Douglas Gilbert (
Sun, 07 Nov 1999 10:13:58 -0500

Andreas Jaeger wrote:
> >>>>> CaT writes:
> > Ok. this is beginning to confuse me.
> > glibc install:
> > Note that `/usr/include/net' and `/usr/include/scsi' should *not* be
> > symlinks into the kernel sources. GNU libc provides its own versions
> > of these files.
> > kernel docs:
> You mean Documentation/scsi-generic?
> I don't understand why people write such documentation without
> contacting the glibc developers first. I've never seen such a request
> from anybody regarding the scsi subdirectory.
> Instead of writing such lines, it would be better to try to find a
> general solution. I kindly ask the author of this docu to get in
> contact with me and tell me exactly the existing problems so that we
> can fix this in glibc.

In my defence, in May I contacted Alan Cox about this
thinking it was a RH6.0 distro problem. He told me it
was a glibc problem and gave me an email address (in
cygnus from memory) to report the problem to. I did
and heard nothing.

Report it, document it and supply work arounds... at
least the documentation finally got through.

Further, if glibc documentation says that "`/usr/include/net' and `/usr/include/scsi'
should *not* be symlinks" then why does
the latter directory contain old versions of scsi.h and sg.h ?
If they are Linux kernel headers (both are) then they should
either be controlled by Linux kernel distribution methods or
not be there at all.

> Andreas
> > Several distributions have taken their own copies of these files and placed
> > them in /usr/include/scsi which is where "#include <scsi/sg.h>" would go
> > looking. The directory /usr/include/scsi _should_ be a symbolic link to
> > /usr/src/linux/include/scsi/ . It was is Redhat 5.1 and 5.2 but it is
> > not is Redhat 6.0 . Some other distributions have the same problem. To
> > solve this (as root) do the following:
> > # cd /usr/include
> > # mv scsi scsi_orig
> > # ln -s ../src/linux/include/scsi scsi
> > Now, the question that I have is... What in the name of god am I to do?
> > *sob*
> > I hope someone can understand my confusion...

Yes, it causes problems for application writers, kernel
maintainers as well as users.

Doug Gilbert

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