Re: 2.2.12 Kernel Oops in parport_pc with plip and alsa

Greg Stark (gsstark@MIT.EDU)
03 Nov 1999 10:43:11 -0500

The patch I sent was from the 2.2.13 patch, I'm still on 2.2.12 so I was
wondering if it might fix the crash.

I don't understand how alsa could scribble on anything that would cause the
stack trace to jump off into never-never-land though. it would have to be
writing on the code segments?

Alan Cox <> writes:

> > The only device using the parallel port is plip. Plip works great normally
> > though (well it's slow but seems to be working properly) the oops only happens
> > when I play sounds in Alsa. But there doesn't appear to be an IRQ conflict or
> > I/O port conflict according to /proc/*.
> The trace can be misleading. Its quite possible for ALSA to scribble on
> something causing a later trace that is well weird.
> > I was wondering about this excerpt from 2.2.13, it doesn't seem to be
> > described in Alan Cox's pre13 announcements, nor can I find any mention of a
> It fixes the cli/sti status on shared interrupts with SA_INTERRUPT set. I
> don't think it is relevant. Reverse it and see 8)
> Alan


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