Re: NFS Client Problems with 2.2.12

Alan Cox (
Wed, 3 Nov 1999 13:21:20 +0000 (GMT)

> We have a nasty problem with the linux NFS client code in the late
> 2.2.1x Kernels. It results in file corruption.
> As far as I investigated it, it is an AIX NFS Server bug, but maybe
> there is a way around it, without loosing the attribute cache. (I.e.
> Mounting noac is a bug work-around)

It looks like an AIX server bug and has been repeatedly reported to IBM. If you
have any kind of maintenance contract with IBM please file a bug report
against it. Since its file corruption mark the priority right up and scream
at people.

> compiled locally. (If you compare it, some patterns are shifted by one,
> but the total length of the exceutable is the same) The binary dumps
> core, btw.


> + Solaris may have a problem, too.

Solaris did, but unlike IBM they fixed it quite a while back and made
patches available on SunSolve. IBM appear to use the Sun code but without
the fixes. (at least the traces are so similar from Sun and IBM it sure
looks the same code base).

> Unfortunatly IBM is supporting 2.2.5(?) (on an netfinity server, which
> is present in this environment) But one can _not_ reproduce it with this
> kernel.

It will happen with 2.2.5 as well. It seems to be partly timing related.


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