2.3.25 builds

Andreas (a.tobler@schweiz.ch)
Tue, 02 Nov 1999 23:20:22 +0100

Hi all,
sitting here and try to build a 2.3.25 for PPC. No success. The same
with 2.3.23/24. 2.3.23 worked except I had horrible amounts of Ram (2GB
iso 80MB). Was to late to figure out the 2.3.24 the 2.3.25 was already
out. So I tried this one.
In the beginning not much luck, got some steps further when applying the
fbmem patch mentioned on this list the earlier the day. (ramdisk support
was disabled from beginning).
Later I struggled about pieces in memory.c; pte is not member of.... Ok,
I found some hints, but as a newbie I saw that there are too many things
included. Diff showed me too many things changed. So, Paul, Cort, are
you already aware of?

Another major question I have, what is the 'deciding fact' for releasing
a new dev kernel? Only one or two/three arch's working? I noticed that a
few people had also problems building 2.3.25. ( Intel camp) Or, is it
only the number count? (25 is better than 24?)
Sorry, this is a bit cynic. But on the 2.2.x I see that there are up to
at least xy pre's before a new Kernel is released.

This mail is NOT meant as a blame, but I don't know how to treat such
quick changes on the kernel side. Do I have to wait for a working kernel
x steps behind the offical kernel?
Yeah, I know I don't have to, I should contribute .... If I can....
As said, what is the aim of releasing kernels in such short time stamps?

Regards & thanks for Linux (I still prefer it to MacOS9)


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